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Krystal Rocks Ltd provide quality jewellery cabinets to the Hotel and guest house trade.

You will find our beautiful Krystal Rocks jewellery in some of the best seaside hotels in the UK.

Here is a short list of where you can find us.

  • Leisureplexkrystal rocks cabinets
  • Coast & Country
  • Bespoke Hotels
  • The Fragrance Group
  • Potters Resort
  • Duchy
  • Best Western


If you own a hotel or resort or any other establishment and would like to find out a bit more about Krystal Rocks Jewellery Cabinets displays, please use our Contact Us form or ring Joanne Butler on 01837 823 28.

How does it work?

You sell our Jewellery to your customers. They take home a reminder of their stay and advertise your hotel when they tell their friends where they bought it.

Once a month we email or call you to ask what you have sold. We then invoice you for those items and pay you a commission deducted from your invoice. You pay us at the end of the month. This gives you a positive cash flow benefit.

What is the System?

Every item we sell has its own unique serial number. You will be provided with a stock list that is individual to your cabinet. The staff member simply initials alongside the sold item. When we ask for the sales they just give us the serial numbers. The following week our merchandiser visits to clean and restock the cabinet.

What are the Products?

We sell jewellery made largely from Murano Glass, Swarovski Crystal, Zircon Crystal, Pave and Sterling Silver. This brings sparkle to your reception.

Prices range from £20 to £30 and are therefore affordable and competitive with the High Street.


The commission paid will depend on how many outlets are involved but will be attractive. Staff members also get an enhanced discount for personal purchases.

We do not ask for a contract. If you accept our terms and conditions we simply need 4 weeks notice to remove the cabinet if you are unhappy.

What do you need to do to get one?

Call us on 01837 823 28

Contact Us from this website


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